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ECP Bearing Protectors can be viewed as a ‘mini-insurance policy’! 

For a small cost, expensive and untimely breakdowns could be avoided as a result of bearing failure from spurious leakage currents!


Bearing ProtectorsA build-up of static or induced currents will discharge via the path of least electrical resistance which in many cases will be via the machines bearings and can lead to premature motor failure in as little as six months in extreme cases.

‘Bearing Protectors’ can save thousands of pounds in unplanned machine and plant down-time as well as the added cost of repair. 

In operation, these units allow the safe passage of static and minute induced currents to safely discharge to earth and thus prevent the effects of bearing ‘pitting’, noisy bearings and ultimately premature bearing failure.


Bearing Protector - Leakage CurrentsBearing Protector - Leakage Currents - Rev.A


Bearing Protectors

Recommended Applications
Motors or Generators inherently known to suffer from premature or regular bearing failure
Material transport system drives – prone to build-ups of static electricity
Air conditioning/ventilation system drives
Main drive motors
Motors that are ‘critical’ to the manufacturing process
Shaft earthing

Bearing longevity
Increased motor, machine & plant reliability
Easy installation
Low initial cost by comparison 
Fast & easy carbon brush replacement

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