ECP Grades

1. Stationary DC Machines

Large machines  
Rolling mill and winding motors, normal E92
Rolling mill and winding motors E93
  for difficult commutation E55
  for especially difficult commutation E98/E98
Variable-voltage generators for rotary convertors E92
  for difficult commutation E59/E98
  with duplex winding E93
Turbo exciter machines, normal E55
Medium machines  
Motors, normal E57
  for thicker patina formation E60/E100
Rolling mill auxilliary drives E92
  for difficult commutation E59
  for frequent underload E51/E551/E556
Small machines  
Small and medium DC machines E28
Difficult commutating small and medium DC machines E60/E100
Generators and motors  
  with interpoles E51
  without interpoles P79
Tram motors DC regulating controls E62
Small battery-fed motors  
  for 6 - 12 V M14
  for 12- 24 V M16
  for 24 - 110 V E 51
Special machines  
Swivel bearing machines E59
Welding machines  
Series wound machines E60
  for thinner patina formation E57
  for small commutation losses M16

2. Mobile DC Machines

DC traction motors  
Main line and suburban railways  
  Traction motors with rotary converter feed E97
  Traction motors with rectified feed E57
  Generators for diesel-electric locomotives E58
  Auxiliary drives E51
Train lighting generators  
  over 110 V E51
  below 110 V M16
Mine loco motors  
  for overhead wire operation E57

3. Stationary AC and Three Phase Current Machines

Machines of medium and high power  
Rotor-fed shunt motors P75
Three phase commutator motors P78
Three phase commutator motors and small DC machines RX91
Stator-fed shunt motors  
  at high transformer voltages and low load  
  in operation at normal rating P75
  at low transformer voltages and high load  
  in operation at normal rating E57
Series wound motors E57
Lydall- (Scherbius) machines E55
Small machines (Universal or F.H.P. motors)  
Mica undercut  
  Voltage > 48 V  
  for heavy mechanical stress P79
Mica flush, normal C 41

4. AC Locomotive Motors

Traction motors for 162/3 cps operation E57
Traction motors for 50 cps operation E57

5. Sliprings

Bronze and Copper rings  
Loads up to 10 A/cm², normal E51
  for poor ventilation M16
Loads from 10 - 20 A/cm² , normal M13
  depending on the ventilation conditions, peripheral M16
  speed and brush load use one of the grades shown M14
  in the margin M12
Remanite-, Perlite- and spheroidal cast iron rings  
  up to 10 A/cm² E92
  up to 15 A/cm² M13
Steel rings  
Brush loads up to 10 A/cm²  
  VR < 35 m/sec E92
Brush load above 10 A/cm²  
  VR < 30 m/sec., normal M14
  use one of the grades shown in the margin M13
  Earthing rings M11

6. Contact carbons

  at low loads C41
  at medium loads E51
  at high loads M11


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